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Semaine 26

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La Photo
Big In a Little World

Semaine 17


Sie strahlte, als sie die Sonne zur Seite rollte.

La Photo

Sir from Cumlosen

A Sir from Cumlosen
He lives in this house



Rectifier le monde

A l'origine des nuages

Production de nuages.


La Photo

Arbre dans l'arbre

Le ciel
Une photoconstruction


Es regnet, dachte er zu ihr und legte den Grünspecht in den Schatten.

A trip
off to Waldlehrpark Gross Pankow in Prignitz

Sign at the entrance of the park

a trip to Waldlehrpfad in the district of Prignitz took place recently. A couple thousand square-meters large, the park provides information on forests and its wildlife surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

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Das Klemmbrett
La découverte

La photo

Bonjour LeSoir
Une photo


Es raschelte in einer Ecke.

Der Heilige Stuhl

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La Photographie

La Photographie

L'ordrde dans le désordre
La Photographie

Semaine 13

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Le moment
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Créature animale

L'image en vie
La photo



Sie biss ins Brot und wusste nichts zu sagen.

Le monde en images

Dans la campagne

Biese rivière à Krumke Park
Arbre Elbdechhinterland Wittenberge

Dans la rue pour la démocratie
la ville de Wittenberge

Manifestation pour la démocratie sautez

Semaine 9

Way of Life

Things are as they are: Sometimes it rains. Fatalism: I will get wet; stoicism: I will take an umbrella with me.

Deep problems begin when there is no solution at all.

Exhibition Stadtmuseum Perleberg
Musee de la ville Perleberg

un image qui montre la ville de Perleberg, vue du Nord-Ouest.
même ville, vue du Nord-Ouest.
Symbole que l'on trouve dans les creux nordiques.
La région en Moyen-Âge.

La Campagne

Wahrenberger Fähre

Horst Gross Pankow

Bentwisch Wittenberge

Réunion pour la démocratie dans la ville de Perleberg

Quelques dizaines de personnes se sont réunies samedi dans la ville de Perleberg pour la démocratie et une société multicolore. On contestait l'avancée de l'êxtreme-droite, essentiellement représentée par la partie politique AfD.

Semaine 4

Don't be a Kant to critters
Some guesses here - 2

Affections, pain or virtue are pretty much self-centered: they deal with what we feel, how strong we feel or what we consider to be a good thing or a brave thing. It is the capability to ponder, to reason and to conclude that may allow to leave one's sphere to some degree and find more general principles that hold true regardless other factors: stealing things can be considered unethical regardless the time we live in or the item that is being stolen - reasonable beings cannot want to create a world where everyone is taking things from others spending endless time to replace the stolen items and being unsettled what might be gone at the homecoming.

Kant refers to those who are capable of doing so and willing to do so; it is fruitless to expect it from those who can't or refuse to.

Like a legal system may encompass those who lack insight or will to abide by, the notional community of reasonable beings may also include those who refuse to or are unable to consider their own actions. Would it be reasonable to exclude anyone else from the actions of the reasonable beings? Yes, unreasonable beings may not appreciate the inclusion or even show the slightest gratitude.

A drunk person might puke at or attack first aiders, but is that a reason to exclude that drunk person from the ethical act of aid? There may be good reasons why a community of reasonable beings includes other beings in their considerations - I guess that it's very likely that those reasonable beings ready to question their very own behaviour are eager to act in accordance to moral principles with regard to the unreasonable.

Where we are

An unholy alliance: mass consumption for some priviledged people mainly in western countries and massive financial advantages for even a smaller number of mainly western people at the cost of demolishing environment, climate and ruining the lives of way more people mainly in eastern and southern countries that is increasingly lashing out at the priviledged people themselves rendering them unhappy and angry mainly at those who want to limit the system for the bless of everyone.

Self-limitation isn't the majority's taste.

Don't be a Kant to critters
Some guesses here

Kant strived for an ethical framework that wouldn't be depending on virtue or the perception of pain. Something universal was sought. He came up with the idea that any creature capable of reasoning, concluding and inhibiting own actions - prerequisites to any moral or inhibited behaviour - should heed to rules that contradict not in itself nor conflict with the nature around it - the physical constraints the we all are subdued by.

Consequently, it can only be expected to follow that principle by creatures that possess the faculty to reason and inhibit own actions - prerequisites that any ethical framework is limited by. If someone cannot control, reflect or reason own behaviour, it's futile to expect any moral standards - not a big surprise, that many social creatures possess some basic types of moral principles to enable life in close social contact without constancly hurting one another.

Having written this, it doesnt exclude any other creatures that don't possess those ability nonetheless. Kant himself was in search of something universal because there might be some sort of life in the universe that isn't human but capable of reasoning and pondering and that might subdue us - it's better for us to find a broader approach that could cover the case of a mightier and clever power that could enslave us.

There may be reasons to include creatures that don't have moral status by pain or where protection isn't guaranteed by virtue or sympathy. Those reasons should be universal, free of contradictions in itself and to the outter life.

I may dive into this a bit deeper later.

Some Thoughts

The Conservatives and Liberals habe nothing to offer for the poor, the children, the retired ones, the workers, the unemployed, the lazy ones, the busy ones, the animals, the environment or the homeless. All they have is their trying to acumulate their own wealth. That's why they're trying to scream down movements that strive for the wealth and happyness of everyone, a fairer society. and too many people gather behind those Conservatives and Liberals and say yes, even though they're hurting themselves.

Semaine 1

Le mot


An apparatus that throws pigs and the one that catches a pig has Schwein gehabt. Huge disadvantage of those devices is that they usually get jammed quite easily.

Il s'agit d'un appareil qui lance des cochons et ceux qui en capturent un, ont eu Schwein.


Oftentimes a worm that delivers mail. Sometimes they change sides because of their love of mails and hide in your letterbox eating up your mail.

Souvent, c'est un ver qui livre les courriers. Il se peut qu'ils changent du côté et qu'ils s'enfouissent dans la bôite aux lettres en les mangeant.


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