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Off to Waldlehrpfad Gross Pankow (Gross Woltersdorf) Prignitz
An Outing in Pictures

a trip to Waldlehrpfad in the district of Prignitz took place recently. A couple thousand square-meters large, the park provides information on forests and its wildlife surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

It is amazing what has been built to teach people stuff about nature. A lovely opportunity to learn.

Overview map of the park

Buildings and landscape

Stuffed bear

Do not feed the troll

What is the educational background of this?


Back in Roman times

I mostly enjoy the symmetry of this building.


Encapsulated in a maze

Even though I didn't take the time to sit down and dwell, I imagine it must be a great experience to sit in this structure encircled by this wall completely focusing on the sound of the surrounding forest. What a lovely installation.

On forestry
The Why

Purpose and goal of forestry

What does forestry do, and why? Regarding recent proceedings in climate warming and calamities, these goals seem a bit outdated.

The many living rooms

All creatures are made such they can do things to make their living in this world, to give their life meaning.

Some food, protection from weather and hazards, to find a partner, to pass on their genes, to find a sleeping place.

We all make a living, and here is a few examples of living rooms.

The big circle

From rain into the ground and back up into the sky: Water travels a lot creaating a circle we all depend on.

The paths of water

Living in a log house

Even when life leaves the tree, life goes on. A dead log is home to several creatures.

The lives on a dead log

The anatomy of a log

Anatomy of a tree log

A tree log has many layers starting with the core up until the outter layer that protects the tree from weather and animals. A tree grows outwardly, only the Bast transports sugar.

Living in a pile

Brushwood piles

Life of a brushwood pile

Many animals call a brushwood pile their home. Among them are:

Stone piles

Living on stones

Even seemingly cold and rough stones can afford to a cozy home.

Living onn plants


Trees as a living room

Trees make a good home for a range of animals.

Living with water

Water is highly needed for life to emerge, but for some it is even more. Several living beings commute between wet life and dry life. The smallest patch of water can be home to millions of tiny creatures.

Living on the brink

Made by hand

Mankind can do harm and good. The tiniest good action can help others have a better life.


Species descriptions

A few portraits of various specimen. Knowing about those that share space with me is fun, even though I struggle memorising them all.


Plants are widespread, fundamental to living on earth and their ability to use light rays emanating from a star (the sun) that is a few millions kilometers away is just astonishing and mind-boggling. We can still learn so much from functioning, successfull adaptions in the living world.






Between animals and plants, mushrooms share features from two worlds, build staggering networks underground and play an important role in dismantling stuff. And we make medicine out of them.

You better don't eat

It is worth noting that these images actually show the fruitbodies of mushrooms - the mycelium itself can barely be seen by eyes although it builds huge networks.

You might get a taste from

Samples of mushrooms

Learn more about the champignons of this world.







Don't be fooled into thinking they realy fly.



No, these aren't made of stones.



Krause Glucke

Krause Glucke





Fledermäuse und ihr Leben

A rare mammal capable of real flying with the amazing skill of using sound waves to navigate and find food.


Spechte und ihr Leben

There is so much interesting stuff to know about Spechte, including the fact that their tongue is that long it has to be wrapped up to fit in the body. Have you known that the sounds of Grünspechte are quite different of those we usually expect to hear from Specht-birds? It is kind of a laughing sound.


Rote Waldameise